Buddha Statue consecrated at Chamgang

His Holiness the Je Khenpo consecrated a Buddha statue at Chamgang Dochung Drag under Chang geog in Thimphu on Tuesday, 22nd June. The statue of Buddha Sakyamuni in the manifestation of Chabjin was built by the Jangsa Animal Saving Trust.

The spot, where the structure was built was used as a slaughter house, until His Holiness issued a Kasho (decree) prohibiting the killing of animals in 2002. Mostly cattle were slaughtered at the spot to supply meat in the capital. According to a spokesperson from the Trust, the 11 feet statue in the manifestation of giving refuge to the sentient being was built to end killing of animals at the site. He added that this would also help dissuade butchers from using the spot and refrain from killing.

With the statue an image of a Brahmin girl, Sujata, or Dramzei Bumo Lekeyma offering milk to the Buddha was also built along with a cow. The Jangsa Animal Saving Trust says the selfish habit of eating meat causes unbearable pain and suffering to innocent and harmless animals. The consecration was attended by the dzongkhag officials and people from the area.

The statue was constructed at a cost of Nu. 3,00,000 by the Jangsa Animal Saving Trust.