Lama Kunzang Dorjee Rinpoche’s Projects for Enlightened Living

The Jangsa Animal Saving Trust

Lama Kunzang is following the path set out by H.H. Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche in the practice of “tsethar” (saving lives by buying animals which otherwise would be killed) by setting up the Jangsa Animal Saving Trust and trying to save many ill-fated animals from being killed in slaughter houses. Lama Kunzang buys animals and either frees them into relatively safe rivers and lakes, or keeps them on private protected lands. He has also saved many street dogs in Bhutan, and has dog shelters and a clinic for dogs.

The Meditator Yogis

Lama Kunzang runs a three year retreat centre for the higher training of his experienced monk meditators. He would like to raise sponsorship for the yogi lamas who have graduated from the long retreat, so that they can do further meditation retreats in the Buddhist holy places, thus contributing to enlightened awareness in the world.

The Vajrakilaya Temple

Lama Kunzang is building a Temple at his Gelephu Monastery especially devoted to the practice and study of the tantric deity, Vajrakilaya. Vajrakilaya is a powerful practice for attaining Enlightenment, and in overcoming the afflictions such as anger, delusion, jealousy, pride and passion. It is also effective in pacifying social conflicts and disturbances.

Photos of Projects in Bhutan

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Photos of Projects in Bhutan
Thimphu Ganglha Kha Kalimpong Kurtoe Mongar Tashigang